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The European Union is considered by many entrepreneurs as one of the best regions for business expansion and tax optimization. To start your business in the EU should consider the possibility of opening a company in Lithuania.

Advantages of opening a company in Lithuania

In Lithuania, the use of technology is active, which simplifies the tasks of entrepreneurs and saves their time. Public services are almost entirely accessible through electronic systems and there is the possibility of submitting reports, completing declarations, submitting applications and other documents online.

Lithuania ranks 13th in the ranking of the countries of the world in the level of economic freedom, 11th in the ease of opening their business and 2nd in Europe in the index of investment attractiveness. Lithuania is also ranked first among Eastern and Central European countries in terms of the number of specialists in mathematics, science and technology.

The world-famous companies Western Union, Barslays, NASDAQ, Thermofisher Scientific, IKEA, Lidl have already opened offices in Lithuania. Therefore, the establishment of a company in Lithuania is taking your business to a completely new level, corresponding to the highest standards.

Company Registration in Lithuania

An individual enterprise may be an alternative to small business, but a major drawback of this legal form is unlimited liability. For the same reason (the presence of unlimited liability of some members) does not seem to be very attractive full and limited partnership. A joint-stock company, although limited, is suitable mainly for large companies, as it requires considerable funds for the formation of the authorized capital, as well as presupposes a more complex management structure.

A small company is a relatively new legal form of companies in Lithuania. It is a legal entity with limited liability. Although the formation of such a company does not require authorized capital, only natural persons can be the founder of the company, and accounting is only in some cases easier than in a closed joint-stock company.

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Company registration process in Lithuania

The feature of formation company in Lithuania

On the other hand, in order to avoid the procedure of registration of a new company, it is possible to open a company in Lithuania in another, faster way. You can contact specialists and buy a company already registered in Lithuania with a minimum authorized capital and an open bank account. In the case of acquisition of a ready-made company in Lithuania, a contract for the purchase and sale of shares is drawn up, after which it is possible to start using a ready-made company. Together with the company is acquired and a mandatory package of its constituent documents. This way of starting a business is faster, but it is more expensive and, moreover, it is possible to carry out some reorganization measures. So, if necessary, you may need to change the name of the company, increase the authorized capital, perform other transformations. All these procedures are not particularly difficult and can be performed by specialists in a short time, but will require a lot of large investments. Whether to open a new company in Lithuania or buy a ready-made enterprise – each entrepreneur decides independently, based on his preferences.